2016 Semi-Finalists

Congratulations to our 2016 Film Competition semi-finalists!

Note for Note

Jenna Kirshon - Chapman University

Casey and the Death Pool

Margaret Anderson - Chapman University


Joseph Longo - Chapman University


Jackson Miller - Chapman University

Lion Dance

Timothy Pattinson - USC


Brenna Malloy - Chapman University

The Last Words

Keegan Mullin - Chapman University


Trevor Stevens - Chapman University

Sin Frontrera (Without Borders)

Israel Gutierrez - Chapman University

The Ups

Jason Segal - Chapman University

Room 731

Youngmin Kim - USC

Olde E

Xavier Neal-Burgin - USC

The 2016 UCFTI Film Competition is now closed.

The 2016 UCFTI Film Competition expands upon its inaugural ambitions, this year accepting short film entries (5-30 minutes) from student filmmakers of the University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts (USC), Chapman University and California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) for a grand prize of 5,000 dollars.

In addition to monetary prizes, the UCFTI Film Competition allows aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their best work for top executives in both the U.S. and Chinese film industries at the UCFTI Expo.

The top three finalists will have their films presented during the Expo before the announcement of the grand prize winner. Each of the three finalists will receive a cash prize in addition to the multitude of valuable connections made at the Expo.

The 2015 UCFTI Film Competition screened 65 entries from USC alone before awarding the grand prize of 5,000 dollars to Alexandre Peralta for his documentary short film, “Looking at the Stars.”

For any questions or concerns, please contact Nathan Rillo at nathan.rillo@finnpartners.com or (310) 522-4145.