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Sponsorship During The Golden Screen Awards

VIP Reception – Pre Awards Reception, UCFTI Expo will host an exclusive pre show event for up to 200 VIPs and their guests. (Limited to 2 Sponsors)($8,000)

VIP Transfers– Exclusive car service for our VIP’s, hosts and award winners. (Exclusive) ($3,500)

Award Winner Gift Bag– For all award winners ($2,000)

Advertisement in Program ($1,500)

VIP Show Program – UCFTI will provide chair drops (food/beverage or gift) during the event. ($1,500)

Specialty Bar – hosting during the VIP and the show – ($4,000)


The U.S. China Film & TV Industry Association, in partnership with the China Film Co-Production Corporation, The Motion Picture Association and The Hollywood Reporter, will host the 3rd annual Golden Screen Awards, to reward and recognize outstanding organizations, producers, directors, screenwriters, actors, composers and technical professionals who have contributed to China-foreign co-productions.

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Christine Hilgert

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+1 407-760-4234